2017 Private Weighing Locations

Register At Your Company!

Lighten Up East Texas is also available to any organization, company or business (nonprofit & for-profit) that would like to enroll their workforce into our regional weight loss challenge.

Your business or organization would not be included as a publicly available registration location because you would only register people who normally access to your location.  Therefore, your location would not be listed on the our website as a public registration location. The only requirements are:

(1) a valid and reliable weight scale

(2) at least one person responsible for the registration process at your location

(3) the ability to send all completed registration forms in a timely manner to our central email address.

If your business, school, or church is interested in learning how to register your population into the 2017 Lighten Up East Texas regional weight loss challenge, please state your interest to our email address – LightenUpEastTexas@gmail.com