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Enter Our “Maintenance” Prize Drawings

Every person who completed the 2016 Lighten Up East Texas is encouraged to enter in 2017.

Special prize drawings will be held for anyone who has maintained their weight, and for anyone who has lost even more weight since their “Weigh-Out” in May 2016.  Please review the following criteria:

1) You should have ‘weighed-in’ AND you ‘weighed-out’ in 2016

2) You MUST ‘weigh-in’ for the 2017 Lighten Up East Texas regional weight loss challenge before February 28, 2017

3) Your 2017 starting weight should be lower than or equal to your 2016 ‘weigh-out’ weight


The special prize drawings will be held at the Fit City Tyler coalition meeting on March 1, 2017.

The location and start time of this meeting will be announced on ‘’