Personal Motivation

Everyone has their own “why”, as in, “Why did you register into Lighten Up East Texas?”

So, what is your why . . . for your personal health?  For an upcoming class reunion?  Maybe your reason is to have a better physique, to lower your number of medications, or just to have a shot at winning a new car.

Your personal reason(s) that motivated you to participate in our weight loss challenge are your outcome goals.  You intend to achieve the reason(s) that encouraged you to register.  In order to reach your outcome goal, you should also establish and accomplish several process goals.  Process goals are the steps that will lead you toward your outcome goal.  Every participant’s outcome goal is to lose at least 5% of their weight and every participant should have a clear path (made up of 2-3 process goals) that will lead you to your eventual destination (your outcome goal).

The links below are suggested steps that can become one of your process goals:

Before & After

Dietary Diary

Simple Math

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