“Before & After” Pictures

On the day that you officially enter Lighten Up East Texas, take several “Before” pictures.

You can have your spouse or a close friend take the pictures.  If you prefer, take the pictures yourself and snap a few selfies.  The intent is to capture what you “used to” look like, so that the pictures that you will take on a weekly or a monthly basis that will show your progressive weight loss.

Willie Garrison  Olga Chavez

Save your “Before” pictures on your computer, on your phone, or print the pictures.  Share your “Before” pictures with family members and trusted friends who can provide positive emotional support on your journey.

Your “After” pictures in May will be a powerful memory of your personal change.

When you ‘weigh-out’, send us your “Before & After” photo to LightenUpEastTexas@gmail.com