Reaching your weight loss goals become more successful when you can participate in Lighten Up East Texas with a team of friends, coworkers and/or family members.  Teams can include anywhere from 2 to 8 individuals.

All team members will need to “Weigh-In” for Lighten Up East Texas before February 28th.

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Your team can gain more support and have more motivation to reach your weight loss goals by signing up for the free “Walk Across Texas” program that is organized by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agency.

The goal is for your team to cover 833 miles in 8 weeks, or 104 miles per week . . .

or 13 miles per person per week, or 1.86 miles per person per day . . .

or, about 3,600 steps per day for each team member.

The first 8-week period will start on January 2nd, and will last through February 26th.


All team members will need to “Weigh-In” for Lighten Up East Texas before February 28th.


Below are the downloadable forms that you and your team members will need to complete . . .

                        ** Log for Team Captains (only 1 person needs to fill out this form)

                        ** Individual Registration Form (everyone on your team should fill out this form)

                        ** Individual Mileage Log (everyone should turn in their form to the captain each week)

                         ** Convert any physical activity into miles by reviewing these Equivalents of Exercises


You can register for your free Walk Across Texas online account and enter your totals each week, or you can give your weekly Individual Mileage Log to your team captain and they will enter your weekly totals for you.

Start to recruit your team members, so that everyone can sign-up for Walk Across Texas!

It is OK if your team begins to track your steps after January 2nd.  See how close you can walk 833 miles!


The second 8-week period will start on Monday, March 6th.

Plan to “weigh-in” by attending our 2017 Kickoff event or by visiting any of our weighing locations.

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