Team Success

Reaching your weight loss goals become more successful when you can participate in Lighten Up East Texas with a team of friends, coworkers and/or family members.  Teams can include anywhere from 2 to 8 individuals.

Members of your team can ‘weigh-in’ at different locations, but each team member will need to write the exact name of their team when they register because we have seen some very creative team names in past years

Pictured below are members of several teams from the North Lamar ISD in Paris.

North Lamar ISD WeighOuts

Team members from Strategic Fulfillment Group receive support from their children.


Couples can participate. A team can be formed by as few as 2 people.

lighten up

Or, make a team with your friends and support each other toward your weight loss goals.

Year 1 Grand Prize Winners

Start to recruit your team members, so that everyone is ready for Lighten Up East Texas in January.

Plan to “weigh-in” by attending our 2017 Kickoff event or by visiting any of our weighing locations.