Testimonials 1

Chad Miller

I decided to participate in LUET because I wanted to win a car and I was tired of being fat. In January 2016, I started working out and eating right.  I was much more aware of what I put in and started cutting out Dr. Pepper and Doritos. Keep away from those sugary soft drinks!  You don’t need them.

I spent 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours per day in the gym, lifting weights and doing cardio.  On most days, that’s tough since I’m a junior high assistant principal, but I decided I just have to make the time.

I was able to use our school as a weigh-in location, so I put it out to our district to participate.  We had 64 people weigh-in because of it and as a district, we lost 336 pounds.  That’s amazing!

Just start.  Once you do, you will not regret the results.  The first week is always the hardest, but get through that soreness and keep pushing yourself to improve.  “Don’t stress over one bad workout!”  Just keep motivated and continue to push yourself.

Elaina Kaiser

I had my first son on January 6, 2016. The following week I went up to my school to weigh in! Even though I was planning on being out of work for ten weeks, I decided to join the team and work hard to lose all that baby weight.

My goal was to lose 50 pounds. Since I was at home, it was hard to stay motivated, but the text alerts and updates from my team kept my motivated. I started eating really healthy, eliminating all fried foods, sweets, sodas, coffee, pastas and breads. I stuck with meats, veggies, fruits and LOTS of water! I also started walking every day with the baby for at least 30 minutes. Once I was allowed to exercise, I started Zumba classes 2-3 times a week. I ended up losing 20 pounds during this time period.  I am so blessed to be a part of such a great team who helped to motivate and keep us all eating healthy out on the playground!!! Thanks so much for putting this on :)

Judy Martin

I entered Lighten Up East Texas to continue my journey to get healthier.  In September 2015, I joined the gym in our town to build and tone my body better with the help of equipment. Since I was on a diet all year, the habits of eating healthy seem to be embedded in my brain and just comes natural to eat healthy now, ( or most of the time) LOL!

My reason for becoming a healthier person would be my Daddy who passed away October 14, 2014 from kidney failure from diabetes and congestive heart failure. That was when I knew that I had to change my lifestyle and become a healthier person for myself and my family so that I might live and enjoy this wonderful world a lot longer.