Testimonials 3

Rebecca Gennings

At first, I really only joined for the free t-shirt.  I began the program within my ideal weight range, but only in moderately good shape.  I have been a jogger off and on throughout adulthood, but this year, I set a running goal that would require me to run on a more regular basis (an average of about 5 ½ miles per week for the year).  As I began to run more often, I got stronger, faster, and healthier, which motivated me to run even more.

I am now (at 34 years old) able to run further than I could as a high school varsity athlete and as a very physically active college student.  Because I am now running so much, I’m craving a healthier diet, so this has also lead me to increase my water intake, decrease soda/tea/alcohol intake, and increase my fruit/vegetable consumption.

Though it wasn’t intended, I did lose just over 5% of my weight.  And I feel great, physically and mentally!

Rosie Jordan

Dr. Richard Lowery has helped me stay healthy. Every time, I had a office visit, he asks if I was feeling ok.  My daughter passed away 6 years ago and left me a sweet little girl, so my heart got heavy and had to go in the hospital.

That’s when I knew I wanted to live and get healthy for myself and my granddaughter because life is worth living for.

Thank you “Lighten Up East Texas” for the push that you give to lighting up east Texas!

Vanessa Vicente

I joined Lighten Up East Texas because my doctor told me I weight too much for my height, so I completely stopped drinking sweet tea and sodas. Instead, I started drinking water with my meals (8-10 cups a day). I eat a breakfast bar in the morning and do not eat any snacks, but if I have a craving for a snack, I eat some fruit. I eat either grill chicken, salmon, or tilapia with steamed vegetables or a salad for lunch, and a fruit salad or veggie salad for dinner.

I started walking/jogging on the weekends. During the week, I am riding my bike and I am starting to use my P90 workout videos. In the evening, I have set a 1 ½ to ride my bike or exercise.

I am reason that I have become a healthier person.