Since the beginning of Lighten Up East Texas in November 2012, we have received many comments from people who have told us how their lives have changed by completing Lighten Up East Texas.

Wwinning the gift of losing weight made Wendy Ewing healthier by enjoying the rewarding journey of working out early, doing Zumba in the evenings and taking walks in the park. She now eats a much healthier diet including baked fish, chicken, lots of spinach, cottage cheese and kiwi. And . . . she is not eating fast foods anymore!

Wendy Ewing

“It’s been great seeing the results and I don’t want to stop! Don’t give up on a healthier you!  The reward of ‘a healthier you’ will defeat any excuse!” – Wendy Ewing

What is your why?  Why are you thinking about doing Lighten Up East Texas?

“While working together with my team members, we made sure we all stayed on track.  I am now more aware of my eating habits, which has helped me gain the control I needed to begin this journey. I have tried to encourage my husband to be more mindful as well, since he is a diabetic.” – Tonya Slayton

“I have developed a whole new way of thinking. I have learned to eat healthy while still enjoying food and I was able to discontinue my blood pressure & cholesterol medicine. Awesome health benefits!” – Michelle Reed

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We would like to learn about your motivations. Let us know why you registered into Lighten Up East Texas.

Share your comments with us!  Please email your experience to LightenUpEastTexas@gmail.com